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23 most depressed performers

Autumn is the darkest, wettest, depressing time of the year when each of us goes deep into ourselves. And although the New Year and the January holidays, which will give us a little respite, are just around the corner, like dawn in the dark. But even these holidays will pass and be erased from memory, and the next summer will seem infinitely distant. Among these bright flashes, we exist – always weighed down and pitying ourselves.

And why try to look at everything with different eyes? No, it’s better to drown in this despair … And to drown together with the darkest and most depressed musicians, where without music. After all, music paints this world of colors and emotions, and at the same time our world is a darker, gloomy sinister. So spend this gloomy and gloomy time with the most depressed performers in the world. Enjoy it!

The cure. The group, formed in the late 1970s, became one of the first musical groups to push dark and dramatic gothic pop as a form of art. Mentioning their most popular, mainstream, but truly masterpiece album, “Pornography,” Robert Smith says: “And I wanted to create something really unbearable.” And from the most depressed they have: “One Hundred Years”, “Lovesong”, “Cold”.

Bjork. This Icelandic singer, in addition to her crazy images, creates quite truly unique dark things that adroitly penetrate your skin. It is enough to watch the film “Dancing in the Dark” – try to watch it to the very end, without sobbing, curling up. From the darkest of hers: “I’ve Seen It All”, “Unravel”, “In The Musicals”.

The XX. Delicate stories of love and longing superimposed on relaxing and refreshing music. Even the departure of the keyboard player and guitarist Baria Kureshi did not prevent the rapid growth of popularity of the young British. The most depressing compositions: “Fiction”, “Angels”, “Infinity”.

Radiohead Obviously, none of us can ignore the harsh anthems of Tom York’s band. But if you still do not believe in the depression of his music, listen to this: “Nude”, “Fog”, “Like Spinning Plates”.

The Smiths. And of course, we just can’t ignore a band like The Smiths! It seemed impossible to combine Morrissey’s suffering and gloomy vocals with Johnny Marr’s gentle and cinematic guitar playing. Nevertheless, this combination gave rise to some of the best hymns of sadness: “I Know It’s Over”, “Death Of A Disco Dancer”, “Never Had No One Ever”.

Bon Iver. So, the fact: it is impossible to go to a concert of Bon Iver and not restrain oneself because of all the strength not to burst into tears, like a child. From the most depressing: “Holocene”, “Calgary”, “Perth”.

Interpol. These dapper kings of New York are actually capable of incomparably creating intense, dark and sinister music. “Untitled”, “Hands away ‘,’ The Lighthouse”.

Joy Division. After a generation of decadence, teens began to be inspired by Joy Division, the fathers of post-punk music whose music was tormented by the frustration and illness of the frontman, Ian Curtis. Darkness and depression are all for the Joy Division: Atmosphere, Heart And Soul, Atrocity Exhibition.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. He ominously examines the whole world from the height of his genius, from the height of the power of his poetry and dark dynamics. Meet the ladies and gentlemen, Nick “Bloody” Cave. “Your Funeral, My Trial”, “Push The Sky Away”, “People Ain’t No Good”.

The Twilight Sad. A relatively young group, revealing the whole essence of the Scottish soul in their music, where shugeyzing and post-punk are fancifully combined, turning into something truly beautiful. From the most depressing: “That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy”, “The Room”, “And She Would Darken The Memory”.

Manic Street Preachers. A piercing Welsh political rock from a band that refused to ever write at least one love song. But their music varies from glam rock and snotty punk to beautiful acoustics, stadium hymns and scary stories of torture and horror on the album “The Holy Bible”, which was called the darkest album in history. So, the most depressing songs: “The Intense Humming Of Human Evil”, “This Is Yesterday”, “Of Walking Abortion”.

The weekend. Abel Tesfaye represents the dark side of R&B, combining the sexuality and sultry of the genre and the sullen images of a terrible hangover, a psychedelic crisis and turning good girls into really bad ones. The most depressing songs: “Wicked Game”, “Belong To The World”, “Coming Down”.

Elbow. Until Guy Garvey and Co. became so popular thanks to their soundtracks, their music was much more imbued with longing. Listen to their first two albums to hear the band in their darkest hours. Here are a few songs: “Bitten By The Tailfly”, “Scattered Black And Whites”, “Fugitive Motel”.

Death Cab For Cutie. Overgrown boys in their best form. But their simple and rhythmic music is full of depressing notes: “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, “Some Day You Will Be Loved”, “A Lack Of Color”.

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