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12 ordinary people to whom great songs are dedicated

Almost all performers, ask them more specifically about whom they sing, will find a way to evade the answer: to protect someone’s privacy or to maintain intrigue.

Although there are some songs about real characters which we know. In the song “Disco 2000” Pulp sings about Deborah Bone, with whom Jarvis Cocker grew up. And, judging by the lyrics, her name didn’t suit her at all. The heroine of Suzanne by Leonard Cohen found that the song violated the framework of her personal life, and for Geraldine from the Geraldine group of Glasvegas, the song became one of the most touching acts that she had ever committed.

Here is a list of 12 people immortalized by music, whether they like it or not.

Pulp – “Disco 2000”
“We were born one hour apart, Our mothers said that we are like a brother and sister. Your name is Deborah. But this name does not suit you.” Maybe the name didn’t suit her, but Deborah, the daughter of a close friend of her mother’s Jarvis Cocker, always remained Deborah. In 2014, Cocker sang a song on the 50th anniversary of her friend, but unfortunately, Deborah Bone died at the very end of 2014, a few days after her name was added to the New Year’s honorary list of Great Britain.

The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”
At first, Paul McCartney explained the choice of song title simply by the fact that he liked the name Elinor Rigby. Later, at the cemetery near St. Peter’s Church, where Paul McCartney and John Lennon first met, a woman’s grave with this name was discovered. McCartney explained this coincidence by the fact that he probably unconsciously remembered the name from the gravestone. The real Elinor Rigby did not live in sadness and loneliness, but died from intracerebral hemorrhage when she was only 44 years old.

Franz Ferdinand – “Michael”
An intriguing and erotic single by Franz Ferdinand “Michael” with the lines “Michael, you are a guy whose hips fit leather pants, Hair gel, eye-catching hips, your bristles touch my hot lips.” We are talking about a real friend of Alex Kapranos Michael, who is glad to write the song. Leader Franz Ferdinand comments: “It was a completely depraved night, and two of my friends spent it quite … sexually.” The name of the second friend is silent: Kapranos says that the guy’s girlfriend was very jealous of him because of what had happened, an uncomfortable situation turned out.

Glasvegas – “Geraldine”
Geraldine Lennon was a social worker with James Allan’s sister Denise, and he dedicated the lines to her: “I will change your life, I will do everything to heal your internal wounds, I will be an angel on your shoulder, my name is Geraldine.” Lennon herself comments on the song this way: “Usually, social workers are only remembered when things turned out badly in life. This song is probably the most special thing that anyone has ever done and will do for me.”

Kiss – “Plaster Caster”
The song is written about the ill-famed American sculptor Cynthia the Plaster, who now describes herself as a “recovering group.” In the 1960s, Cynthia made plaster casts of rock musicians’ penises. Now she is expanding her work and sculpting the breasts of famous women.

The Knack – “My Sharona”
This is one of the few The Knack songs that are still remembered. The composition was written after Doug Figuer saw the 16-year-old employee of a clothing store, Sharon Alperin. The fact that Doug was with his girlfriend did not stop him from inviting Sharon to meet his group. When Sharon did arrive, she heard the musicians rehearsing the song “My Sharona”. And although Doug and Sharon found other companions for themselves, they remained friends, and in 2010 Alperin spent his last hours with the dying of lung cancer Figuere.

The Band – “The Weight”
“Young Anna Lee” from the song is Anna Lee Williams, a childhood friend of Levon Helm, who invariably cooked corn bread and fried green tomatoes for every visit.

Neil Diamond – “Sweet Caroline”
42 years after writing Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond said he was inspired by a photograph of Caroline Kennedy (daughter of John F. Kennedy) on the cover of Life magazine. The lines from the song “reach out … touch me … touch you” may seem strange, given that Caroline was only 4 years old in the photo. Diamond says the shot was so beautiful and touching that the thought of a song immediately crossed his mind.

Manic Street Preachers – “Kevin Carter”
“Kevin Carter” is one of the last songs written by Richie Edwards before his disappearance. Kevin Carter is a famous photographer whose photograph of a starving Sudanese baby crawling to a food distribution center received the Pulitzer Prize. Carter committed suicide three months after receiving the prize, writing in a suicide note that he was haunted by terrifying memories of murders, corpses, rage and pain.

Leonard Cohen – “Suzanne”
“You know that she’s a little crazy, but that’s what attracts you to her, and she treats you to tea with oranges …” – these lines are written about the artist and dancer Suzanne Verdal, Cohen’s friend. Verdall herself says: “When Leonard came,

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