Friendly takeover: interview with FFS
If the company does not have economic development, this often leads to a merger with a competitor. Is it exactly the same in music? With many so-called supergroups, this is…

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Laughing Sad: An Interview with Daughter
The British trio with Elena Tonra, led by the second album "Not To Disappear", is again exploring the depths of melancholy. Despite this, Daniel Koch took an extremely funny interview…

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Best Second Albums of All Time
Musicians often have difficulty writing a second album. This may be a bright debut, which requires no less vivid continuation, or the reverse situation, when the second album is almost…

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Finding a Job Like It: An Alternative Rock Star Career

Sometimes the crazy and bizarre world of music is not enough. Perhaps that is why some rock stars are engaged in extracurricular activities – anything from agriculture to piloting airplanes. Let’s remember who the musicians moonlight when they are not on stage.

Alex James: Cheese Maker
Blur bassist has a farm where he produces his own varieties of fermented cottage cheese and gives them names like Blue Monday, Light Shake and Goddess.

Liam Gallagher: Fashion Designer
Former Oasis and Beady Eye leaders have their own label, Pretty Green, which releases mods for boys and girls. He even has shops and stuff like that. And on the walls are large images of his face.

Bruce Dickinson: Pilot
That’s right: lead singer Iron Maiden is a licensed airline pilot. He can even fly commercial jets!

James Murphy: Coffee Maker
Former LCD Soundsystem leader created his own type of espresso called House of Good. As the song Someone Great says, “The coffee isn’t even bitter”.

Billy Corgan: Wrestling Boss
Smashing Pumpkins leader has his own wrestling federation. All is correct. Wrestling. It is called Resistance Pro. Please note: he himself is not involved in the struggle.

Brandon Flowers: The Preacher
The leader of The Killers is mostly famous for catchy choruses and elaborate clothing styles. But in 2011, he and his family appeared in a video clip in support of his chosen religion, shot in a defocused manner.

Tim Burgess: cereal maker
Frontman The Charlatans has teamed up with Kelloggs to create the crazy-name flakes Totes Amazeballs (Chocolate Balls and Shortbread Cookies). A limited edition of these flakes was sold at the 2012 Kendal Calling Festival, and the proceeds went to charity.

Gerard Way: animator
The frontman My Chemical Romance participated in the creation of the animated series called The Breakfast Monkey for the animated channel, but the series never appeared on the screens.

Blur: Ice Cream Sellers
In the summer, the group will sell at its concerts a special Magic Whip ice cream (“Magic Cream”), named after their new album. The ice cream will taste like vanilla custard and raspberries. Not bad!

Ricky Wilson: Musical Theater
In 2012, frontman Kaiser Chiefs played in the new production of War of the Worlds. The singer played the role of the Gunner, which was previously played by musical king David Essex.

Sean Ryder: UFO Specialist
In addition to working on a reality show, Happy Mondays frontman is planning to broadcast a UFO broadcast on the historical channel – he seems to have seen a lot of them in his lifetime.

Johnny Marr: Lecturer
In 2012, Salford University invited the legendary guitarist to make a presentation on the topic “Alien in the Music World”. Homework – Learn This Charming Man riff.

Tom Clark of The Enemy Farmer
In 2010, Tom announced that he had bought a farm to rescue The Enemy’s debut album. But just a couple of years later, he sold his country house, deciding that he “could not bear” the rural life.

The Beatles: Boutique Owners
In 1967, The Beatles opened their own company, which was called Apple (in no way connected with the manufacturers of iPhones). One of the branches of the company was a clothing store on the corner of Baker Street in London. The store barely lasted nine months, and then the group handed out all the shares and covered the bench. Since then, they have devoted themselves to music.

Elbow Brewers
In 2011, the Manchester group began producing its own ale, teaming up with local Robinson’s brewers. El was called “Boys, Build a Rocket!” in honor of the band’s self-titled album. At the beginning of that year, they joined forces with another brewery, Marston’s, to get a bottle of Ale charged in honor of a song from The Take Off And Landing of Everything.

Taka Hirose: Culinary Expert
A few years ago, bassist Feeder launched his website dedicated to food and cooking, which offered recipes for cooking “simple Japanese food for every day that can be prepared cheaply and simply” – He also created a playlist of songs for which you could prepare, but, unfortunately, it seems that the site is no longer active.

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