Make People Happier: An Interview With Nothing But Thieves
Hi james What do you feel about the last concert of the Under My Skin tour today? It's nice that the tour ends, but it's sad. All the concerts were…

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Why The Stone Roses is still the coolest band in UK history
We could start the article with the words that The Stone Roses saved British rock music. That they became the reason for the appearance of Oasis, because they determined the…

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Laughing Sad: An Interview with Daughter
The British trio with Elena Tonra, led by the second album "Not To Disappear", is again exploring the depths of melancholy. Despite this, Daniel Koch took an extremely funny interview…

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We were the last rock stars: a collection of Noel Gallagher’s best sayings

The king of rock and the witty master Noel Gallagher over the past decades has provided all music publications with invaluable news material. We decided to recall the best of his statements …

About Hip Hop Stars at Glastonbury
“Glastonbury usually comes to listen to guitar music, and even when the organizers throw something strange, you think,” Kylie Minogue? “But I’m not going to put up with hip hop on Glastonbury. It’s wrong.”

About hip hop in general
“I despise hip-hop. I hate him. Eminem is an idiot, and 50 Cent is the most disgusting person I’ve ever met.”

About Beady Eye performing Oasis “Wonderwall” at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games
“They rewrote the song and sent it to me (author’s permission was needed for the song – approx. Ed.). I delayed until Friday evening before agreeing, and they were terribly mad. Not the Beady Eye, the organizers. (Closing of the Olympics was held on Sunday, August 12, 2012 – approx.ed.) ”

About drugs
“I sincerely believe that legalizing drugs can be a truly great idea – if we talk about the results in the long term, about 25 years after legalization – because in this way children will cease to be interested in drugs only because they are prohibited and in general it is” romantic. ” But these 25 years will become real chaos and disaster, a continuous series of scandals caused by drug addiction. ”

About iTunes
“New technology is a wonderful thing, but the concept of an album is dying away a little. Why do people buy a few songs from albums? Yes, because most albums are crap.”

About brother
“Liam … rude, selfish, scary and lazy. He is the most evil person you can meet in your life. He is like a man with a fork in the world of soup.”

About the Coachella Festival
“It’s very clean and there are a lot of people in sunglasses driving around on golf carts. You can’t drink, smoke or have a good time.”

About “Guitar Hero”
“I always tell children that playing the guitar is not the same as playing a video game. There is no level to be played on an instrument because it is an endless process. You can never“ go to the end ”and finish the game. “I myself have never played Guitar Hero. Probably behind the times.”

About the American public
“The Americans are crazy. They get so fucked up during the concerts that they throw shoes on the stage. I went to a bunch of concerts for my life, but I never got to the point where I could take off my shoes and throw them at the soloist.”

About meeting with god
“I would ask,” Did you hear “Don’t Look Back In Anger?” And he would say “Of course.” And I: “So this is me, look, let us in. I could play something for you. I sometimes stole, took a lot of drugs, but I’m clean!”

About Oasis Songs
“These are my songs, I wrote them all myself and am proud of them, I am proud of what they mean to others, and I am proud of how they relate to what I am recording now.”

About the release of the new album
“I have a well-deserved rest. Why try to continue something cool? I would just ruin everything. Look what ended up with the continuation of” Morning Glory. “” Be Here Now “was crap!”

About 1990s
“The 90s was not the beginning, they were the end. It was the end of the music business as we knew it. We were the last rock stars.”

About BRIT Awards
“The people who are there on the stage or sitting at the tables are careerists and are very happy to be there. They are all in this” music game. ”

About the Oasis Heritage
“Now is not the time when bands like The Smiths and The Jam are in“ TOP 10. ”Oasis is probably the last of the giants – I use this word because nothing else comes to my mind -“ alternative ”bands that really influenced the country. ”

About Kanye West
“I admit, he is a big figure. And I like his song“ Black Skinhead. ”But someone needs to buy a moron for this dictionary to see the meaning of the word“ skill. ”Your mother, yes Beck can play the banjo! Nobody can play the banjo! Pass the Kanye dictionary from me, I’ll even sign it so that it looks up that word. ”

(The interview deals with the incident during the Grammy 2015 ceremony, when singer Beck received the “Album of the Year” award, but before he began his speech, an indignant Kanye West appeared on the scene, who, however, quickly came to his senses and returned to the hall, never expressing his displeasure on the stage. In an interview after the ceremony, Kanye West said that “Beck must have respect for skill and should give Beyoncé’s reward.” Later in an interview, Kanye said he was partially wrong and should not have blamed a musician who owns 14 instruments in that he does not respect craftsmanship. – Ed.)

About the music industry
“The Man is the best in the British music industry. We have too many middle-aged men dressed in black turtlenecks who are worried about how to buy a new BMW instead of the old one, where they will go on vacation and how many bottles of champagne they will order at the next BRIT Awards “

We were the last rock stars: a collection of Noel Gallagher's best sayings
The king of rock and the witty master Noel Gallagher over the past decades has provided all music publications with invaluable news material. We decided to recall the best of…


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